thors of the bill, are set to introduce the measure in the Senate Thursday. The proposed measure would offer visas to any foreigner making a cash investment of at least 500,000 do.

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February, 50 percent of Americans approved of Obama's job, against 46 who disapproved. Nevertheless, Obama and his campaign team may take comfort from the fact that, despite his l.

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gether after the June incident.? LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- The Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD) said on Wednesday that an urban search and rescue team was ready .

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help the military to cut costs by storing equipment and supplies at overseas hubs. Canadian military and foreign ministry officials were met by suspicions over Canada's intent in.

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Tahiti Nui planned one, they said. Airspace in southern Europe including Portugal, Spain, parts of Italy, France, the Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, and parts of northern E.

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gathered at the general assembly of the Texas Democratic Party State Convention in Houston Friday, with Houston Mayor Annise Parker delivering a speech urging party members to s .

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which is "just enough for a victory," the Oakland Tribune newspaper reported, citing election officials. With a population of more than 446,000, Oakland is the eighth largest cit.

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to catch up on recent events and to talk about where we are in the relationship with all of these countries," he said in a news briefing. He said the consistent policy of the Uni.

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r foreign entrepreneurs who plan to create job opportunities for Americans. The legislation, titled "StartUp Visa Act," was raised by Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican .

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