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r Scientific. "We will continue to work tirelessly with our law enforcement partners to investigate and prosecute public corruption," said U.S. Attorney Dana Boente in a statement


even by hiring foreign doctors to work there. According to the president, the program will benefit 46 million Brazilians, or about a quarter of the Brazilian population by April 2.


the April 14 presidential elections. TSJ President Gladys Gutierrez read the verdict at a press conference, saying there was lack of evidence on the irregularities filed by the op.


rorism. Some reports said the shooting seemed to have resulted from disputes between soldiers, but there is no immediate confirmation. Milley said the gunman used a .45-caliber Smi.


eople," Earnest said at the press briefing. Obama has cancelled his planned meeting with Vladimir Putin next month. The White House cited lack of progress in bilateral relations. .

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nistration has been exerting efforts to pressure on the Israeli government and the Palestinian National Authority ( PNA) to resume the talks, so that the two sides could reach a p.

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inning the drawdown of its forces this month from Afghanistan, and is on track to pull out 10,000 troops this year. Another 23,000 will leave by next summer. WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 (X.

e: Khan, two others arrested in Florida and three still at large in Pakistan, according to a report of The Los Angeles Times. The alleged ringleader was Hafiz Khan, 76, the imam o.

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